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Cosyfeet Bideford

If you are looking for Cosyfeet in Bideford or the surrounding areas of North Devon, then come to A M Care. We are the number one supplier of Cosyfeet shoes in the region, for both men and women. The range is extensive, with many colours, styles, fabrics and fastenings to choose from, perfectly tailored to be kind to swollen and sensitive feet. Come on in and try some on for size! If the stock we carry isn’t for you then do not worry, we can order in any of the Cosyfeet product range! So, if you are looking for comfortable and long-lasting wide-fit shoes for affordable prices, call the team to discuss our selection.


What are Cosyfeet?

Cosyfeet shoes are one of the leading brands of wide fit shoes, sandals and slippers for men and women. They specialise in making comfortable shoes for swollen feet and other sometimes painful foot conditions, including:

  • Bunions
  • Hammertoes
  • Swelling
  • Bandaged feet
  • Misshapen feet
  • Problem toes

Benefits of Cosyfeet Footwear

Cosyfeet understands feet, which is why A M Care is proud to be the regional supplier of choice in Bideford and North Devon. The benefits of these shoes include:

  • Extra-wide sizing options (6E for women and 3H for men) and strap extensions
  • A choice of Leather, Elastane, Fabric, CosyTex™️ and Purewool™️*
  • Shock-absorbing, flexible and lightweight sole options
  • Deep sole options for shaped insoles, shoe adaptations and orthotics
  • Indoor, outdoor, multi-use and slippers among the selection available
  • Simple to use touch-fastening available in some styles for easy extension
  • Extension straps, antibacterial hosiery and other accessories are available*
  • No-quibbles guarantee on all Cosyfeet shoes and slippers

*Contact A M Care for advice and more information regarding shoe specs and accessories

Wide Fit Shoes For Men

Our wide fit shoes for men include:

Ideal for active feet, these deceptively roomy, casual leather shoes are perfectly designed for bunions or gout as well as swollen or sensitive toes. Benefits include:

  • Touch-fastening strap
  • Removal airflow inner sole
  • Ankle and instep padding
  • Sized from 7-13, including half sizes
  • Extra roomy HH+ fit available
  • Comes in Bison Waxed, Moorland Waxed or Black Leather
  • Lined with merino wool

James slipper-soft shoes are perfect for bandaged or very swollen feet. The stretchy fit and fabric lining offers comfort, while the coloured fabric shell provides an on-trend look and feel. Benefits include:

  • Water and stain-resistant protective coating
  • Shock-absorbing removable footbed with airflow technology
  • Lightweight material and rubber soles
  • Extra roomy HH+ fit available
  • Sized from 7-13, brown available in size 6 – no half sizes
  • Elastane, Poly-weave and Cotton materials
  • Available in black, brown navy or taupe

The Ken is suitably designed for more active feet with a robust yet flexible sole and a cushioned tongue and collar. The seam-free leather is supportive for misshapen feet, while the slipper-like softness provides comfort for painful joints or toes. Benefits include:

  • Stain-resistant coating and waterproof fabrics
  • Removable insoles for orthotics
  • Extra roomy HH+ fit available
  • Sized from 6-13 – no half sizes
  • Leather and elastane materials
  • Available in black, brown or loam

A deceptively roomy smart leather shoe capable of accommodating swollen feet without any sacrifice on style. The hidden depth and removable insoles allow for orthotic inserts while remaining smart and stylish. Meanwhile, the streamlined design helps to make swollen feet appear slimmer. Benefit include:

  • Quality leather lined with merino wool
  • Extra roomy HH+ fit available
  • Sized from 6-13, with half sizes available
  • Smart design, available in black, brown and oxblood

The Bart is perfectly designed for ‘easy-on’ and ‘easy-off’ and opens to the toe for optimum convenience and comfort. The tumbled leather offers both support and flexibility for optimum comfort for even very swollen or bandaged feet. Benefits include:

  • Tumbled leather and merino wool materials
  • Available in black, brown and Moorland leather
  • Extra roomy HH+ fit available
  • Sized from 7-13, with half sizes available
  • Moorland available from a size 6

The Max is a spacious and comfortable lace up shoe in a classic design. With removable insoles and the hidden depth design makes these shoes surprisingly roomy with no compromise on style. Benefits include:

  • Hard-wearing flexible sole and a very soft leather body
  • Streamlined design for a slimming effect
  • Extra hidden depth for orthotic inserts
  • Extra roomy HH+ fit available
  • Sized from 6-13, with half sizes available
  • Available in black and brown leather

Wide Fit Shoes For Women

Our range of wide fit shoes for women include:

The Karen has a touch-fastening design for a flexible fit, with a padded collar for additional comfort. The supple upper moulds comfortably to the shape of the foot, making them perfect for swollen feet, bunions and even bandaged feet. Benefits include:

  • Stretchy material and lining for ultimate comfort
  • Comes with Sanitized Actifresh hosiery for hygiene**
  • Extra roomy EEEEE+ fit available
  • Sizes 3-9 available – no half sizes
  • Black, brown, loganberry, navy and taupe colours available

** Contains biocidal substance – zinc pyrithione

The Alison offers maximum adjustment capabilities for sensitive, painful or heavily swollen feet and toes. Furthermore, they are breathable with anti-fungal properties for hygiene. The design consists of a supple leather upper, seamless lining, cushioned inner sole, extra depth and width and shock-absorbing sole which gives maximum comfort. Benefits include:

  • Hidden depth design and removable insoles
  • Wide opening and touch-fastening for ease
  • Breathable and anti-fungal materials
  • Extra roomy EEEEE+ fit available
  • Half sizes available between sizes 3-8
  • Bordeaux, plum and white in sizes 3-9
  • Black and mink in sizes 3-10

The soft and stretchy Sienna shoe avoids applying pressure to painful toes or swollen joints for more active feet. They are extra roomy for maximum comfort as well as providing plenty of heel support. Benefits include:

  • Quality supple leather and elastane
  • Extra roomy EEEEE+ fit available
  • Available in sizes 3-9 – no half sizes
  • Black, navy and taupe colours available

The Julia boot is a great pairing for jeans or boot-cut trousers for seasonal style. The leather heel and soft padding provide warmth and stability, while the elastane upper and touch-fastening design provides comfort and ease of fit.

  • Hidden depth sole
  • Seam-free stretch for swollen and bandaged feet
  • Water and stain-resistant Teflon coating
  • Extra roomy EEEEE+ fit available
  • Available in sizes 3-9 – half sizes available
  • Comes in a choice of black, loganberry or navy

The Carmen is a wardrobe must-have, with its classy appearance and elegant shape. This wedged court shoe is lined for slipper-soft comfort and hides an accommodating gusset for swollen feet. Meanwhile, the deep fit avoids pressure on sensitive or problem toes.

  • Lightweight, hard-wearing sole
  • Removable footbed for added depth
  • Extra roomy EEEEE+ fit available
  • Available in sizes 4-9 – half sizes available

The light and airy Molly is a versatile open toe, tough-fasten sandal ideal for indoor and outdoor use. A perfect holiday companion, the Molly is adjustable to help keep swollen feet cool and comfortable.

  • Extra roomy EEEEE+ fit available
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees
  • Available in sizes 3-9 – half sizes available
  • Comes in beige, dark denim, fuchsia fleur, lilac fleur and petal print designs

The Sunrise sandal has a closed-side design, in order to incorporate orthotic use and provide heel support. The touch-fastening allows you to adjust the shoe comfortably around swollen or misshapen feet, complete with a soft and supple insole.

  • Accommodates a medium orthotic
  • Opens fully, for easy fitting
  • Extra roomy EEEEE+ fit available
  • Available in sizes 4-9 – half sizes available
  • Comes in either Lichen, navy and soft grey Nubuck leather

The super-soft Hop is perfect for bunions or misshapen feet with fully adjustable touch-fasten straps. They are also cushioned for increased comfort and the closed heel offers additional support. Perfect for staying comfortable and cool in the summer or on holiday.

  • Slimline sole for a more stylish appearance
  • Flexible Polyurethane soles for heavier use
  • Stretchy and supple leather and elastane upper
  • Opens fully, for easy fitting
  • Extra roomy EEEEE+ fit available
  • Available in sizes 4-9 – half sizes available
  • Choose from black, navy or taupe

The Connie is lightweight and breathable, opening fully for a comfortable fit around a range of foot conditions. Using quality leather is gentle on the feet while the springy shock-absorbing footbed is heavenly underfoot.

  • Perfect for a wide range of feet problems, including heavy swelling
  • Punched leather upper allows airflow so feet can breathe
  • Strap extensions available for highly swollen feet
  • Extra roomy EEEEE+ fit available
  • Available in sizes 3-9 – half sizes available
  • Choice of black, taupe, white or teal Nubuck leather
  • Available in black patent, a soft synthetic wipe-clean fabric

Cosyfeet Catalogue

Cosyfeet Slippers

Cosyfeet slippers are designed to provide comfort and support for problem feet. They are all designed to be easy to put on with stretchy fabrics and touch-fastening designs. Furthermore, these slippers are machine washable and the supportive rubber soles make them versatile for both indoor and outdoor use. Many of the Cosyfeet slipper range can also be purchased individually. Just contact A M Care for more information on Cosyfeet in Bideford or anywhere in North Devon, including Braunton, Barnstaple, Torrington and beyond.

Some of the benefits of Cosyfeet slippers include:

  • Sole, heel and instep support
  • Super soft lining and durable soles
  • Touch-fasten fittings and fully opening
  • Extra roomy sizing with removable insoles
  • Machine washable
  • No-quibble money-back guarantees

Men’s Cosyfeet Slippers

The men’s Cosyfeet slippers come in up to a 3H extra roomy width and our selection includes:

The Ronnie:

  • Available in sizes 6 to 13 – no half sizes available
  • Comes in brown or charcoal acrylic and navy plaid wool-mix designs

The Reggie:

  • Available in sizes 6 to 13 – no half sizes available
  • Choose from blue check, brown tartan, burgundy tartan and navy tartan designs

The Richie:

  • Available in sizes 6 to 13 – no half sizes available
  • Choose from brown and navy trilobal or charcoal acrylic

The Robbie:

  • Warm and snug bootee design
  • Available in sizes 6 to 13 – no half sizes available
  • Comes in a burgundy tartan design

Women’s Cosyfeet Slippers

The women’s Cosyfeet slippers are available in a 6E extra roomy width, and the choices include:

The Diane

  • Available in sizes 3-9 – no half sizes
  • Choose from jade floral, navy, plum floral and wine floral designs
  • Strap extensions available

The Dreamy:

  • A super-snug fully lined bootee slipper
  • Available in sizes 3-9 – no half sizes

The Sally

  • A slipper-shoe hybrid for multi-purpose use
  • Ideal for hot feet as fully breathable
  • Available in sizes 3-9 – no half sizes
  • Choose from beige/lilac floral, navy or navy/pink designs

The Holly:

  • Available in sizes 3-9 – no half sizes
  • Choose from burgundy, Midnight floral, navy, pink check or plum floral designs

The Elise:

  • Available in sizes 3-9 – no half sizes
  • Choose from Midnight floral, navy, plum or wine floral designs

Contact A M Care

Contact A M Care today to discuss our wide range of Cosyfeet in Bideford and throughout North Devon. As the regional suppliers of Cosyfeet footwear for both men and women, you can trust us for quality products designed to keep you on your toes. We also supply other mobility aids as well as wheelchair hire, all designed to help keep you mobile.

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